QuizCorp™ is an initiative launched by Meghashyam Shirodkar to provide quality quizzing solutions to Corporates, Brands, Universities & similar Educational Institutions, Schools & Colleges, Social & Recreational Clubs, et al.

Founded with the aim of bringing quizzing off it's lofty pedestal & making it available to the person-on-the-street, QuizCorp™'s primary emphasis is on taking the obscure, arbitrary trivia out of quizzes & making these contests more entertaining & “workable” for someone who just follows the daily news. At the same time, we ensure that every question makes the contestants think laterally, apply their common sense & at the end of it all, take away significant learnings about the wonderful world around us - all this while having good, clean, competitive fun!

  Where We Quiz   Why QuizCorp™ ?
  School & College Events
  End-to-end Quizzing Solutions
  bullet Annual Corporate Offsites
  bullet Thoroughly researched questions
  bullet Training & Team-Building Programs
  bullet Vivid Audio/Visual elements
  bullet Internal Events for Staff
  bullet Participative “Edutainment”
  bullet Pub & Social Club Quizzes
  bullet Audience-friendly
  bullet TV, Radio & Other New Media   bullet Competitively priced