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“We find that, for the vast majority of quiz requirements, all necessary details can be discussed over the phone and by email, but if a meeting is necessary then one of our team can come to meet you at an appropriate time and place during normal office hours (or before or after, if more convenient).

We are based in Mumbai, but we run events in all corners of India & even abroad!

So, for bookings and any other quiz requirements, feel free to get in touch!”

A head for Trivia & the wisdom of Solomon; mental nimbleness to match a surefooted tightrope-walker & unflappable grace under pressure; the wiliness of a fox & a willingness to think out-of-the-box, a desire to know matched only by the joy of cracking a devious clue - for sheer spontaneity, intensity & as a workout of the grey cells, it's hard to match Quizzing as a pastime! A good quiz is your one-stop shop for entertainment, education & wholesome competition - all rolled up into a single power-packed session of epic proportions!! Be it schoolkids & collegians with a yen for facts, or the 9-to-5er fastidious about his daily news dose, or even a homemaker who's kept herself up to speed on what's happening around the world - quizzing channelises all their energies into one concentrated burst of mentally stimulating activity!!!