QuizCorp™ - Quizzing Solutions Reinvented
Every good quiz needs to be 3 things – Entertaining, Educative & Innovative. At QuizCorp™, it’s our constant endeavour to ensure that the quizzes we craft measure up to all of the above benchmarks, and then boldly go beyond them! A quiz organized by QuizCorp™ is a complete audio-visual treat for all participants & the audience too!
A snapshot of the various quizzes we craft for clients:
i. General Knowledge quizzes on anything & everything under the sun – from horse trading to horse racing, oil spills to dollar bills, Mexican wraps to noodle straps!
ii. Themed Quizzes for every occasion – Training & Team Building, Staff Offsites, Festivals, Sports Events, Brand Launches, Promotions, Stock Markets, IT, et al.
iii. Topical Quizzes for all target audiences – Bollywood Buffs & Sports Freaks; Music Maniacs & Technology Geeks, Literature Lovers & Party Revelers; Foodies, TV Buffs & Touristy Travelers!!!
iv. Pub Quizzes
v. Quizzes for inter-school & inter-college fests, etc.
vi. TV & Radio Quizzes, SMS Quizzes for telecom operators, Website Quizzes, etc.
The QuizCorp™ Promise:
Quizzing has always been perceived as a purely intellectual & studious activity, with a great emphasis on memorizing obscure & uninteresting facts that no normal person in their right mind would ever care to remember. For a very long time, the only people interested in attending a quiz would be nerdy genius-types, whose biggest pride & joy would be knowing by heart the capitals of all the world’s countries or some such dry-as-dust trivia. The general public preferred to stay away from these “boring” events. Not any longer!
QuizCorp™ promises to take quizzing off it’s dull pedestal & make it a fun-filled, high-energy event for all & sundry. We will keep every participant on their toes throughout, ask teasing trivia and fun facts drawn from everyday life & leave you asking for more when the quiz ends!