"Our knowledge can only be finite, while our ignorance must necessarily be infinite."
Karl Popper 

QuizCorp™ provides innovative quizzing solutions for corporates, aimed at delivering a wholesome “edutaining” experience for all levels of staff.

From the HR point of view, quizzes stimulate lateral thinking, provoke out-of-the-box mindsets & generate a healthy curiosity in the world around us - desirable qualities for any organisation's workforce! At the same time, we ensure that the entertainment value of these events stays unparalleled.

We provide a range of options for companies looking to make available refreshing new recreational, learning & team building opportunities to their workforce – be it current events-cum-general knowledge quizzes aimed at raising one’s general awareness & reading habits, or theme-based quizzes like Independence Day, Indian Festivals, Business, Sports Events like the FIFA World Cup, ICC Cricket World Cup & Formula One, et al.

We also provide daily e-mailed quizzes for internal employee circulation, to encourage the reading habit & create general awareness about current events amongst the workforce - always a must in today's Knowledge Revolution milieu.

QuizCorp™’s USP is raising the bar for the quality & edutainment value of Internal Events programmes as well putting an interesting spin on Marketing/Sales promotions for external clients & the like.