Schools & Colleges
  “A little learning is a dangerous thing; Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring.”
- Alexander Pope 

Knowledge Revolution is the mantra for today’s wired world & the importance for school-going children, tweens & young adults to imbibe this knowledge culture cannot be over-emphasized. Along with quality curricular education being imparted to the wards, schools & colleges today are fast recognizing the need for innovative practices & edutaining events to inculcate both, a thirst for General Knowledge that stands one in good stead through school & beyond, as well as the development of Lateral & Out-of-the-box Thinking habits that contribute to the overall development of students.

As an extra-curricular activity & an exercise of the grey cells, it is quite unnecessary to look beyond quizzing for satisfying all the above criteria. Quizzing offers educational institutions the opportunity to drive two very significant initiatives – encouraging curious young minds to take an active interest in the entire world around them AND providing them a regular platform to showcase just how much they have imbibed in this pursuit. Plus, personal qualities which are par for the course for any good quizzer, like presence of mind, grace under pressure & the mental agility to work out an answer from the sum of it’s parts, are unconsciously developed by the students who participate in such contests. Quizzing also stimulates in developing young minds an appetite for taking a keen & participative interest in every facet of the events unfolding around them.

And these are qualities which stay with students long after their schooling is over, wherever Life may take them. It becomes an important part of the legacy that every great alma mater seeks to impart it’s alumni.
QuizCorp™ seeks to be a provider of just such innovative quizzing solutions for schools & colleges who think beyond the ordinary; for whom the holistic development of their students’ intellects matters just as much as their involvement in games & other extra-curricular pursuits, and who recognize the importance of making available alternative avenues for achieving excellence for every type of ward, rather than just plain vanilla sports, cultural & elocution-cum-debating platforms. With over 10 years & 250 quizzes worth of experience at all levels, QuizCorp™ is ideally positioned to provide quality quizzes for all manner of fests, events, occasions & themes.

Give your students an opportunity to discover the joys of quizzing – you can rest assured that both they & their parents will love you for it!!!