Pub Quizzes by QuizCorp™, also called Quiz Nights or Trivia Nights, are an excellent option for pubs & like establishments to attract people who are not found there on other days. Extremely popular amongst young & old alike, these quizzes are often weekly events and have an advertised start time, most often in the evening.

QuizCorp™ provides a wide variety of general & theme-based (such as football/cricket, Bollywood/Hollywood, etc.) Pub Quizzes to cater to businesses of all sizes & clientele. We take the onus of providing an event that can ensure larger footfall on day(s) of the week when you have historically observed lesser customers. Also, patrons who would otherwise pop in for a quick couple of drinks on these days will stay longer in order to participate in the quiz, ensuring that your F&B sales are larger! As word-of-mouth for the Pub Quiz spreads, regulars will bring in friends & family, translating into more paying customers, who are attracted by the opportunity to participate in a fun event.

Teams are generally table-based, though if one table has a large group they may prefer to split up. Questions are asked by the QuizMaster via the public address system during momentary pauses in between the music; typically between one and more than half a dozen rounds of questions, totaling anything from 10 to upwards of 80 questions. Typical rounds would include General Knowledge (covering topics such as History, Geography and Science & Nature, etc), Sports, Entertainment, et al. Teams collectively write their answers on separate sheets of paper & hand them in for checking before the answers are announced. Winners get either their entire tab for the evening waived off, or prizes like beer-packs, wines, etc. usually sponsored by one of the beverage majors.

All through a QuizCorp™ Pub Quiz, the emphasis is on patron engagement, all-out entertainment & ensuring a fun way to get customers into the bar (typically on less busy nights, like week nights) to spend money. QuizCorp™ delivers Pub Quizzes that are meticulously researched, attractively packaged & presented with panache by experienced QuizMasters who are the toast of their trade! All this & more, at extremely competitive “value-for-money” prices!!

For a better idea of the value-addition a QuizCorp™ Pub Quiz can provide your business & the popularity of Pub Quizzes worldwide, please take a dekko at .